Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Great Book Swap: Share the book love!

Until today, most of Metro Manila and other parts of northern Luzon are flooded after experiencing days of heavy rain.

But Filipino spirits are highly resilient and people quickly mobilized to help others in need through donations and actions. Twitter and Facebook were also highly utilized to report traffic, missing people, and to inform where one can go to volunteer or donate.

Filipinos are natural sharers. If you visit a Filipino's house or meet up with a Filipino, the first thing he'll usually ask you is "Kumain ka na ba?" ("Have you eaten?"). Filipinos usually impart what they can for others in need.

Today is Book Lover's Day. I know it's a weird occasion to celebrate but why not show your generous Filipino spirit and share a favorite book or two (or three) to someone else? 

It'd be a pleasant surprise and possibly a nice respite for someone who gets to pick up your book :) I'm sure you have a well-loved book you'd like to share with someone else. Who knows, you might change someone else's life (or taste in books!).

I'll be doing this once I get to go out of the house :) Share the book love <3

P.S. Can you also share your photo to me (@bituinb)? I'd love to see what you shared!

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