Friday, November 9, 2012

Our big little miracle

After I found the surprise money last week, C and I went to my routine OB check-up. When my OB saw me, she was in shock to see that I was 5-6 cm dilated (before giving birth, one must be 10cm dilated) and told me to go down to the maternity ward to have myself checked-in. We were in a daze on the way, I gave C last minute instructions. Our hospital bag was still at home. Everything happened in a blur and it wasn't because of the epidural.

Nine hours later, I became a mommy and C a daddy. I will forever remember the moment when I first saw E being put on my chest and hearing her first cry. From then on I couldn't take away my eyes off her, amazed that she came from my womb and forever thankful for this blessing. It was nice to finally see the actual knees who kept on kneeing my arm and other people inside my tummy!

I can almost feel my heart burst for all the love that I'm feeling for my family. I'm grateful for having such a beautiful baby girl and a very supportive husband who's as smitten with E as I am.

All the sleepless nights are worth it.

{P.S. Read C's blog entry about our little game changer}