Monday, October 29, 2012

Surprise Money!

The house and my brain are in mild chaos right now because we're gonna have a baby soon! One of my to-do is to move our important paper documents from a make-shift filing case made out of a carton box and recycled envelopes to a more proper container (for now).

Since I have yet to make proper labels, I just removed each envelope content into a folder and included the envelope in the folder for the meantime. I'm glad I checked each envelope carefully because I found this in one of the envelopes:

Five thousand pesos in cash. I immediately messaged C if he put it in but he doesn't remember. I can't remember anything either. We concluded the same thing: it's from God! Maybe it's His baby shower gift to us or this amount will be needed soon.

There's a reason why I found it and only He knows what it is for.

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