Thursday, October 11, 2012

Singapore 2012

The last out-of-the-country trip we had was in Singapore last March. I was already pregnant then but it was just starting to sink in. In fact, I attended a pole fitness workshop before going to the airport!

Our itinerary basically revolved around food, Universal Studios, Wicked, and the Toy Museum. See evidence below:

hawker center (C, pre-allergy attack)

Pizzeria Mozza
the soybean cakes in SG are better IMHO

Ananda Bhavan (Indian vegetarian resto)

Loysel's Toy cafe

best soy dessert ever!!


I almost felt his tongue on my cheek!

loved this ride!
he loves me enough to ride the rollercoasters with me even though he hates them


dream come true :)

toy museum

Tintin and Snowy

Yellow Submarine!

And here's a video C made of our trip. I love that he does likes doing videos because I'm really bad at documenting events. I always end up taking pictures of inanimate objects hehe.

Chappy and Bituin do Singapore from chappy callanta on Vimeo.

Can't wait for our next adventure!