Wednesday, October 17, 2012

My pregnancy lifesavers

I'm two days away from my 36th week and it feels like I'm always carrying a bowling bowl on my tummy. I'm enjoying it while it lasts because almost all my mommy friends say they miss feeling pregnant so I want to make the most out of it. Feeling my baby kick my arm away from my tummy can be annoyingly cute, actually.

Being pregnant is such a joy and pleasure if you erase all the discomforts (bloating, backaches, etc.) you'll have for the next 40 weeks, especially during the third trimester. I have the following lifesavers to thank for because they have lessened my pains and aches for the past months :


Prenatal Yoga - I've been going to Yoga Manila for prenatal yoga since my second trimester and it has helped a lot not only because of the different poses and breathing methods we do but also because our teacher, Nature (she's the one in the photo above!), is very supportive and gives a lot of helpful advice.

Shea butter - My very first tub of shea butter was from Tree Hut and was given to me by mom. Since we don't know where it's available here in Manila I got the one from Vanilla & Co. instead.  So far, no stretch marks for me! And I hope it will stay that way...

Karmakamet Room Perfume Spray in Siamese Lemongrass - Again, from my mom. Our room smells like a spa whenever I spray it. Sometimes I play soothing music and sit or lie down with my eyes closed after spraying this. Ta-da! Cheap spa!

Mothercare Multipurpose Pillow - It's more flexible than a regular pillow and it's portable enough for travelling. I can even sit on it or use it as a neck pillow. 

Massages! - I've tried a lot of different types of wooden massagers and the one above is the winner. I use the TP massage ball for my wrists and hands because I often lose circulation in those areas. But these two are nothing compared to my husband's massaging skills <3 

I hope this list helps other pregnant ladies and soon-to-be pregnant ladies. What else might help pregnant women to soothe aches and pains? I've been wanting to do acupuncture again but I haven't had the chance to lately. 

Husbands, this is also a good list of things to get for your pregnant wives :)

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