Friday, October 12, 2012

pensive about pens

I've thought of myself as someone who's very particular with pens. I'm not loyal to any specific brand or model but I do know how which type of pens make my handwriting look nice. Sometimes I'd prefer gel pens or fine-tipped pens or colorful pens or whatever I feel like using. I could spend 15 minutes or more choosing which pen to buy to the amusement of my friends and to my husband's annoyance. My default pens right now are the Panda Super Ballpen - has a grip, nice ink flow, and dirt cheap (only around 5 pesos) and the Pilot Hi-tecpoint V5 grip for writing on my planner.

Anyway, my calligraphy nib broke and I wanted to replace it right away while I still have both of my hands available and time to practice. While searching for sources, I stumbled upon this blog. And I think it changed my life.

Aside from making great art and calligraphy, she also collects fountain pens. She knows fountain pens well and she describes the technical specifications of each pen like she's talking about some gadget Apple just released. Come to think of it, pens are actually gadgets! And most of us can't live without it and the model we use often reflects our personalities. I found myself browsing through the blog for almost an hour and I think I won't see pens, inks, and papers the same way again.

Here's a video of her work. Amazing. I didn't know I could love Sweet Disposition even more.


  1. But whyyy!! I have another nib! I'll give to you nalang, a different one!