Monday, August 13, 2012

GV Mondays

This week's good vibes quote is brought to you by one of my favorite scientists, Albert Einstein. :)

Have a blessed week!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Blood Cord Banking

screenshot a few days ago

Less than a hundred days to go until I give birth and we're slowly preparing for the arrival of our Baby Bunny (yup, that's our baby's pet name :p).


One of the major decisions we have to make is to whether to collect our baby's cord blood or not. The cord blood is the blood left in the placenta and umbilical cord. It contains stem cells than can turn into different cells and could help treat cerebral palsy, sickle cell anemia, and other immune-related diseases. There is also a possibility that it can cure diabetes and other types of cancer in the future. Those who are genetic matches with our baby can also benefit from the cord blood.

So why the hesitation? First of all, it costs A LOT and it is an investment. I think the initial payment will cost around 50,000 pesos (around a thousand dollars) and 8,000 pesos for the annual storage fee every year. The stem cells from the cord blood can only be used for one treatment but will the investment be worth it? 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Great Book Swap: Share the book love!

Until today, most of Metro Manila and other parts of northern Luzon are flooded after experiencing days of heavy rain.

But Filipino spirits are highly resilient and people quickly mobilized to help others in need through donations and actions. Twitter and Facebook were also highly utilized to report traffic, missing people, and to inform where one can go to volunteer or donate.

Filipinos are natural sharers. If you visit a Filipino's house or meet up with a Filipino, the first thing he'll usually ask you is "Kumain ka na ba?" ("Have you eaten?"). Filipinos usually impart what they can for others in need.

Today is Book Lover's Day. I know it's a weird occasion to celebrate but why not show your generous Filipino spirit and share a favorite book or two (or three) to someone else? 

It'd be a pleasant surprise and possibly a nice respite for someone who gets to pick up your book :) I'm sure you have a well-loved book you'd like to share with someone else. Who knows, you might change someone else's life (or taste in books!).

I'll be doing this once I get to go out of the house :) Share the book love <3

P.S. Can you also share your photo to me (@bituinb)? I'd love to see what you shared!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Precious Baybeh

I've been obsessing on this picture for more than a week now. Read more about Lucca Valentine here.

Her outfit + Loulou Ghost Chair + polka dot containers in the background + gradient basket = PERFECTION

And look at that facial expression! I wish I can touch and play with her feet!

Little Gem indeed!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Old Manila Date: If These Walls Could Talk + MyKitchen by Chef Chris

C and I had an Old Manila date last weekend. I've planned it more than a month ago because we're on a tight budget lately and we cannot afford to spend much on entertainment (thank God for friends who give us free movie passes!).

I was browsing through C's Enjoy booklet one day and saw a deal for Carlos Celdran's walking tour.

Photo from Walk This Way
Both of us have been to Fort Santiago many times - I've been there for a field trip and even for a Christmas party scavenger hunt - but the Intramuros tour gave us a new perspective on Old Manila. It also increased our Filipino pride and made us grateful that we were born in this mix-and-match culture. I wouldn't say much about the tour because you have to experience it yourself :) 

And there's so much more to explore in Intramuros! There are quaint little shops and restaurants I'd like to visit. I'd probably go back there, skip Fort Santiago, and roam around the area. 

I also look forward to do the Imelda tour in the near future. I'm always amazed by her and can't wait to learn more (crazy) things about her :D Oh and of course the Binondo Food Tour

The same day I saw the walking tour voucher, I got an e-mail from Deal Grocer about a promo from MyKitchen by Chef Chris. Everything just came into place then. 

The Deal Grocer promo was for a half-and-half panizza and we ordered Kristina (bacon, ham, caramelized onion, sun-dried tomatoes and mushrooms) and Verena (tomato and white truffle oil enhanced cheese sauce topped with scallop, prawns and sun-dried tomatoes). We also ordered Osso Buco Maestri because C loves osso buco and risotto. Their tiramisu was huge and was enough for the both of us.

Next time I'll come back there with friends and family so we can try out more stuff from their menu :D

Everything was worth the rainy trip to that area and we didn't even spend full price! 

Of course the best part was spending time with C. I even noticed that he didn't check on his phone *that* often even if there were two major basketball games on :)

Do you have other budget-friendly date ideas? Please share!

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