Monday, October 29, 2012

Church Baby Shower!

The day after my Hootin' Baby Shower, our church also held a baby shower for us and celebrated my sister-in-law Andrea's birthday.

We weren't able to take much photos. Most of the photos were of baby Marco, hehehe.

C practicing how to hold a baby :D
Tita Alex and Marco

Marco fell asleep while Tito Roy was carrying him!

One of the games was to guess my waistline, hahaha. The new moms were spot on!

Moms and dads gave us all kinds of advice. Our pastor, before giving us advice, confessed that he also wants to have his own grandchild soon, hahaha. Being part of a small church community makes everyone closer to each other and I'm glad that we're part of one because it's much easier to raise a child if surrounded by supportive people (and I don't want to have post-partum depression!!!!).

Thank you so much tita Ina for hosting and to everyone who was there. The presence of children made the shower extra fun, hehehe. Thank you also to those who weren't able to attend but left gifts :)

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