Saturday, December 1, 2012

Oh, Christmas Tree! (Year 2)

This year, we won't be able to put up our Christmas tree since we lack space where we're staying now.

There's a blank space over our headboard and Esther often faces that area whenever she's on our bed. I've been wanting to put up something there so at least she's not just staring into space.

Then I thought, why not hit two birds with one stone? I could make a geometrical Christmas tree! That way, we can have something Christmassy in our room that will also stimulate Esther's visual development.

C and I made it together so we kind of continued our tradition. I was actually planning to do it on my own but when C saw me haphazardly making isosceles triangles he decided to take over. Yeah, I really suck at geometry and I have poor spatial sense.

Trivia: C and I were classmates in grade 8. He had a really high grade (around 95%ish) in the same geometry class I failed in (don't ask what my grade is).

He was so anal with measuring the triangles and even heard him mutter something about needing a t-square.

We used washi tapes and circle cut-outs of the rubberprint I made before.

I can't wait to see Esther's reaction when she sees the tree. She's sleeping as I'm writing this.

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