Saturday, December 1, 2012


Esther just turned one month and she decided to celebrate it by being wide awake and having a milk buffet from the wee hours of the morning til almost noon. Only babies could get away with those kinds of antics because they're so adorable.

I told C she's starting to look less like an infant (they all look almost alike) and more like OUR baby. Almost all of her features now she got from her dad, her hair obviously, but I'm so happy she got my dimples. It's amazing how this tiny little human came from our DNA!

I love watching her grow up and seeing her reach developmental milestones like following an object by moving her head and reacting to certain sounds and movements. She has hundreds of funny cute sounds, my most favorite being the one she makes when she stretches. We have started dancing/swaying to "Linus and Lucy" from A Charlie Brown Christmas. For now, she only smiles and giggles when she's asleep or half-asleep and I couldn't wait to see her smile socially.

Happy one month, Esther! Mama and papa loves you!

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