Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Storytelling Time

story time with papa and mama
Reading books to E has been part of our daily routine and we all love it. We don't do it because we want E to become a genius or read independently by age two, we do it so she'll love books as much as we do. It's also fun to make silly voices and sound effects whenever we read to her. She still doesn't have a favorite book so we read our own favorites for now. C and I both love the Knufflebunny trilogy so much that we bought E a rabbit and named it Knucklebunny!

E @ 1 month with Knucklebunny
Personally, I love singing the lullaby from Robert Munsch's book, "Love You Forever," to E even when she was still in my tummy. It goes: I love you forever/ I like you for always/ As long as I'm living/ My baby you'll be. Here's a video clip of Joey (from Friends) reading the book:

Some helpful resources if you want to build your own collection of children's books:
50 best books for kids (Time Out New York)
67 books every geek should read to their kids before age 10 (Wired)

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