Monday, February 11, 2013

GV Mondays :)

Despite having a set bedtime routine, E still refuses to sleep until 2am. Lately, she's been sleeping on our bed because whenever we put her down on her crib after rocking her to sleep, she'd wake up again and we're back from where we started 2 hours ago. So I would lay her down between us, feed her, and cuddle until she falls asleep. My neck and upper back ache all the time because I haven't found a comfortable sleeping position yet. But what I've found is the best view of my family: my daughter and husband sleeping peacefully, their long eyelashes fluttering, their mouths slightly opened, and sometimes they would sigh softly and stir at the same time. Before closing my eyes, I say a little prayer of thanks to Him for giving me such a beautiful family. The best thing that I have in my life.

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