Monday, April 8, 2013

Beach Essentials for Baby

In anticipation of our first trip to the beach with Essy, I asked on Facebook and Twitter what are the do's and don'ts when going to the beach with baby. Aside from a friend saying that we should surf with the baby, all the advice given by my mommy friends were very practical. Of course I also asked Essy's pediatrician her opinion on bringing babies to the beach. Thanks to them, her first swim was a success! She loved every 30 minutes of it :p Yesterday, we also came home from another beach trip and it's confirmed that she really loves the water!

To pass on the mommy advice, here's a list of suggested things to bring on your next beach/swimming trip:

Rashguard and hat - Cute little swimsuits don't cover much of your baby's delicate skin from the sun or water elements, rashguards do. Your baby shouldn't have a tan line anyway so don't get scared of little "gloved" hands and feet. A hat with ear flaps is also recommended to protect the scalp and ears.

Sunblock - We got SPF 50. Even though your baby is all white from slathering sunblock all over, do not go outdoors between 10am-3pm especially not tp the beach where the sun gets reflected by the sand. We also made sure that she wears sunblock every time we go out of the room and risk sun exposure to go to the restaurant or other places.

Drinking water - Essy is breastfed and having drinking water is a lifesaver for everyone. Aside from keeping you hydrated, you can use it to rinse off sand or chlorine when the shower is far away. We also let Essy drink 1 oz from a cup after swimming for fun and extra hydration.

Beach mat/baby chair - Essy fell asleep while we were hanging out at the beach and having a chair/mat for her to take a nap on saved us from prematurely ending our stay. While we were playing frisbee her lolas took turns watching over her.

Water toys - Nothing fancy. For her, a recycled plastic container was enough for her to play with. If you have bigger children, plastic utensils like spoons and forks can also be used to shovel and rake sand.

Lightweight scarf - Very very versatile. I have a huge scarf and we have used it as a breastfeeding cover and a playmat.

Towel with hood - To keep your baby warm and comfy while moving to and from different pools or places.

Of course this is not a comprehensive list and you should also ask your pediatrician for advice :) And do not even attempt to leave your child without responsible adult supervision near any body of water.

What are your beach/swimming must-haves for your child?


  1. Hi Blithe :-) Where did you get that adorable baby beach outfit? Or who makes it? Thanks for this advice! We're going to the beach with our little one in a few weeks....

  2. Hi Bjork! Thank you :) Her outfit is from Mothercare (,default,sc.html?start=0&sz=12&view=grid) :) Have fun in the beach with your baby!