Tuesday, July 17, 2012

7 Pinoy Children's Books I'll Read to My Future Children (and one that I won't) + Book Sales

It's National Children's Book Day today in the Philippines! Even if I didn't become a teacher, I'd still probably collect children's books. Filipinos do not lack creative storytellers and illustrators and it's amazing how one good storybook can connect people who have shared the same experience of listening to their parents read the story, or reading the story on their own, or reading it to their children.

It's also a plus that most Filipino children's books come in two languages. I hope parents make sure that they read both Filipino and English versions to their children. 

Here are some books that I'll read to my baby soon. The list isn't exhaustive (I don't have any Rene Villanueva books and one of my all-time favorites: The Boy Who Ate Stars in the list), these are just some of the books I pulled out from my collection because I missed reading/looking at them. You're never too old to appreciate children's books (and pick up a lesson or two).

A tale about two friends: one blind and one with eyesight. 

 Very classic. 

 This one's fun! It's a do-it-yourself pop up book!

 A wheelchair can be a lot of things to an imaginative child

Xilef is a boy with dyslexia

 Raquel and her awesome hair (and personality)

I think this is one of the first Pinoy children's books that targets math problem solving. 

And the book that I will not read to my child and is now part of my Inappropriately Funny Storybooks collection (more on that in the future):

It's published by Adarna during the 80's and features drunkards, an a-go-go dancer, and a girlfriend who works in a beerhouse.


Who: Anvil Publishing
When: every weekend of July (July 20-22 and 27-29 are the remaining days) 
Where: 107 West Drive, Brgy Kapitolyo, Pasig City

Who: Scholastic
When: UP TO TOMORROW (July 18)
Where: 27th Floor Penthouse Prestige Tower Ortigas Center Pasig City and No 70 C Raymundo Ave Pasig City

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