Friday, December 2, 2011

Film Showing: The Adventures of Tintin

I LOVED THE MOVIE! I’ve only seen it on 2D and I still want to watch it on 3D! I’ve been a fan of the comic book series ever since my aunt introduced me to it (and Asterix) when I was little and had no playmates. The adaptation did justice to The Secret of the Unicorn and the CGI effects were absolutely stunning! Even if it’s your first time to hear about Tintin, it’s still a must-see for children and adults alike. But is it just me or does Tintin looks a bit like Neil Patrick Harris?

Hergé (real name: Georges Remi) did a spectacular job making the series, he researched about  the real (and exotic!) places Tintin visited and he often made-up places and conflicts inspired by real-life locations and events during his time.  When we were planning for our honeymoon, and future travels, one of our plans was to go to all of the existing locations mentioned in the series. The only problem was that it’s too expensive to visit the moon!

Disclaimer: Photos in this entry are grabbed from the interweb. I do not claim any ownership to these pictures.

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