Wednesday, December 14, 2011

How to Survive the Christmas season (and zombies): Knife and Gun Threat Seminar

It's an ironic reality that crime rates go up during Christmas season. We should be extra vigilant during this season - even if we're at home we should always make sure that our house is secure. When in malls or walking along the street, it's important to look alert and intimidating to scare away snatchers and scammers. But in the unfortunate event that you're already under threat, you should also know how to defend yourself.

Last Saturday, I attended Krav Maga Philippines' Knife and Gun Threat Seminar in 360 Fitness Club in Makati . The trainers, Fred and Edmund, looked very intimidating and justifiably so, because Krav Maga is one of the most dangerous martial arts in the world. The seminar, though, was not about hurting others. In fact, the first thing they told us that escaping was the first priority and you should only bring harm only when needed. We were also oriented about the characteristics and parts of a gun so that we also know how what we're up against.

Guess who are Edmund and Fred :p

I sucked at knife and gun threat defense exercises. My reflexes were slow and I'm not well-coordinated. But it was useful just the same. I just need to practice doing the moves on my own. I liked the "zombie" activity the best. Other people would try to corner you and your task is to avoid them from doing so. It was tiring but saying "braiiiiinsss" while ganging up on one person was fun!

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