Tuesday, February 7, 2012

{food files} Truffle Oil

Available in Terry's Selection Podium
Real truffles are very expensive and most probably mid-range restaurants only use white truffle oil in their dishes. White truffle oil is synthetically made and some turn their noses up at it (like the Masterchef judges). But if you're just a neophyte like me and just want to add a pungent kick to your food, then this is something you'd want in your kitchen. Mine was a gift from C and I often drizzle it on creamy or cheesy dishes especially if I want to feel a little fancy. Aside from using it in pasta, you may also add it to popcorn along with parmesan cheese and your choice of herbs. Also try it with fries or any potato-based dish! Buying your own bottle is more economical than ordering a "truffled" dish in a restaurant. 

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