Saturday, February 4, 2012

Food Files

Creamy Chicken Pasta with White Truffle Oil

Perfect with butter and jam

I'm surrounded by people who makes good food so it took me this long to start learning how to cook and bake. As seen in my previous posts, my creations do not look perfect and sometimes I wish they could taste better. But I learn new things whenever I try out new recipes and I take each to heart. Some people say that you could taste the cook's emotions in what she makes. Your sadness translated to the salt you put in, your happiness wafting through like the different aromas coming from the pot, your anger let out by kneading dough. It's very therapeutic for me but I wish I could be less messy!

My proudest moment so far is when my grandmother complimented the biscuits I baked. She's a really good cook (and was a nutritionist until she retired) and often gives me advice whenever I make her sample what I made. When I made the lemon yoghurt cake she said it was a bit dry and burnt so she gave me scientific tips on baking. But when I let her taste the biscuits right after baking it, she happily munched on it and asked if she can have more because it's a perfect afternoon snack. Such a big deal for me, coming from the person whose cooking skills I admire the most. :)

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