Friday, February 24, 2012

{weekend files} Art in the Park

Last Saturday, my friends and I went to Salcedo Village to check out Art in the Park, an annual event where different art galleries, colleges, and foundations sell art pieces for Php 30,000 or less. It's a mix of known and up-and-coming artists using different mediums.  Here are the photos I took there, I wasn't able to note down some of the artists' names to give them credit but leave me a comment if you know them :)

not part of the fair, but beautiful nonetheless


One of our ninongs, Pete Jimenez, displayed his works. He makes sculptures out of scrap metal he found in junk shops. We love the playfulness of his works and I can imagine them springing into life just like Autobots.

See what I mean?

I only got to buy a bunch of postcards from the Ang I.N.K booth. The ones above were twenty bucks each and are made from scrap paper. I asked the girl who made this to sign them at the back :p

postcards = instant art

All that art made us hungry and after dinner I made my own "artwork:" dark chocolate gelato with salted caramel macaron from Bar Dolci! 

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