Friday, January 20, 2012

Escape to Baguio

Mt. Cloud Bookshop: Filling the space between your ears
I love 3 things in this picture (paper cranes, books, old window)

C loved this place. It's creepy now.

We went book shopping

Finally got this

When you see this in Book Sale, never let it go.

We bought it for a song. 

Cute packaging and freebies are like drugs.

C and I went to Baguio because we (I) desperately needed to get away for a while and get some quiet time. There's something serene and calming about being high up in the mountain. We went to the largest ukay-ukay place but somehow it lost its appeal and the ones that we fairly liked were as expensive as brand new clothes so we left empty-handed. We went crazy over books and magazines though, I got two copies of Filipino young adult short stories because I haven't seen this in bookstores at home. The best buy was the Lord of the Rings boxed set with illustrations by Alan Lee. I saw a teenage guy holding this in the store and overheard that he's planning on buying it but was not sure if he had enough money so he put it down on the counter while he tried asking for money from his mom. Well, it's ours now. We walked a lot and ate a lot. I wish we can stay longer but C has to go back to work and I have to stop being so emo. 


  1. Hi Bits, you're lovely :) Stay emo if you like, no pressure. Good things await :)