Sunday, January 22, 2012

Honeymoon in Bali (Part I)

Our temporary home

Dinner date

We went on a bike tour

Visited a coffee and tea plantation

Kopi luwak

On the fields of Bali (pun intended)

Entrance to a  family compound
Buffet after biking

A couple of months ago we had our delayed honeymoon in Bali. We didn't plan for it much but thanks to Kitsie, Tring, Frommer, and Lonely Planet, we had some ideas on what we wanted to do.

We chose Bali as our destination because it's unfamiliar territory for the both of us and we wanted to have (safe) adventures during our honeymoon. It wasn't the quiet oasis we imagined it to be. We stayed in the Kuta area which is mostly populated by tourists. But despite the noise and the traffic, there was something relaxing about Bali. Wherever we went, we could smell incense and frangipanis. Tradition is important for the locals and we often saw women in batik clothing offering flowers to their gods every morning. Bali reminded us of home but it's also completely different nonetheless. 

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