Thursday, January 26, 2012

Raving about POSH Pocket Shoes

POSH logo

I'm usually not loyal to a specific brand of shoes until POSH Pocket Shoes. I completely adore them and these are some reasons why:

POSHies are soft and comfortable. I've walked all over Manila, Batangas, Pampanga, and Hong Kong wearing POSHies and I still can walk for miles more!

the only white shoes I can wear

POSHies are portable. They come with their own bags and can be folded so you can bring a lot while traveling. (Tip: Use the bag to fold the shoes after using it so your hands won't touch the soles.) They're actually marketed as back-up shoes when your feet get tired from wearing heels but I know some girls who wear these all-day, everyday.

POSHies are versatile. They can be worn at work, while shopping, even during night-outs (they have metallic and glittery styles). They can be matched with dresses, pants, shorts, skirts, or whatever you feel like wearing. Just don't wear them for gym, k.


POSHies come in different styles. Visit their website and Facebook page to browse through their collections and you'll find yourself wanting every single pair in every collection in different colors! But don't worry, because..

POSHies are affordable. Nothing is above P 1,000 so you can collect as many as you want. I suggest you order an extra pair of your favorite style because trust me, it will be worth it. :) They're proudly Filipino-made and make great gifts as well.

Kitsie wearing special POSHies in Oz :)

To ogle at their collections and order your own pair/ssss:

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