Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sneak Peek: Membership Cards

For the past years I've amassed a lot of membership cards from different stores – some got lost and some I chose to discontinue because the amount I spend on fees just cancel out the discounts or savings that I’m receiving from maintaining these cards. Here are the cards I currently have in my wallet and reasons why I chose to keep them:

(starting 1st column, from top)

Body Shop Love Your Body - I only go to Body Shop when they're on sale, which is all the time. I think they're one of the first shops in the Philippines who used the terms community fair trade and recyclable even before it was all the rage. You get rebates and they text you if they have special promos. 

Resorts World WorldCard - Membership is free and you get discounts when you dine in at any restaurants inside the mall. I also got to use the slots machine after I got this. Not bad.

Shopwise Wise Card - One of the oldest cards I own. I don't go to Shopwise as often as I did before so I forgot what its perks are. My mom owns a Platinum Card (given to him by the owner of Shopwise because she pretended to be his companion during an awards night) which lets you use the bigger shopping carts and sit down while the cashier is ringing up your purchases. 

Bench Loyalty Card - Bench makes the most affordable but high quality underwear so I frequent their stores. You can also use this card in Aldo, LaSenza, Face Shop, Dimensione, and Kashieca to get rebates.

Philippine Airlines  Mabuhay Miles - I have this because I used to have an HSBC Mabuhay Miles credit card (remember their slogan "Sayang ang Miles!"?). I haven't touched my points yet but I can't wait to redeem it for a big trip soon!

Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf Swirl Card - Free wi-fi and rebates. Nuff said.

Powerbooks Power Card - I'm so glad I've used up all my points before they changed their policy. I usually get something I would usually be too guilty to buy when using up my points so I got Carrie Diaries, ha ha.

Etude House Pink Membership - I had a stage in my life when I just go inside the store to surround myself with pretty but inexpensive high-quality stuff. You can make the card into a keychain. They give rebates and also freebies depending on the amount of your purchase.

National Bookstore Laking National - For every Php1,000 you get to earn Php10. The membership is so worth it. I think I've earned around Php1,000 ever since I signed up during high school.

Healthway Health Wallet - Load your card and get 20% off consultations and services.

SM Advantage Card - Because they've got it all for you and they're everywhere. You get discounts and freebies from partner establishments and rebates from the department store and supermarket. 

Healthy Options Green Card - For every Php1,000 you get Php50 rebate. Not bad! Most of their stuff are expensive but it'll make you think twice about the stuff you are buying versus going to a regular supermarket and be tempted by cheap junkfood.

(bottom row)

Chatime Premium Membership Card - I love their roasted milk tea with pearl. You get a free drink for every 10 drinks you buy.

Lay Bare Loyalty Card - They've got great service and a good loyalty system to boot. I wish I could use this more often though!

My husband and I usually get only one membership card per establishment so we can be less tempted to buy stuff when we're apart. He has a Fully Booked Discount card and Mercury Drug Suki card which are used often (the latter, much to our dismay).

So there you have it, what membership cards do you own?

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  1. I think it's better to keep membership cards as you can get back your money that you have spend on buying them....