Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Green School in Bali

The geekiest part of our honeymoon was visiting Green School. It is an international school that integrates sustainability and creativity in their curriculum. Their structures and furniture are mostly made from sustainable materials such as bamboos, recycled materials, etc.. Their main building, the Heart of School, is a work of art and is studied by architects all over the world. 

Education + Sustainability + Design = My Dream Destination.

while waiting for the tour to start, i ordered sugar cane juice. here's the sugar cane.

even the goal post is made out of bamboo!

their gym

the left one is for number 1 and the right one is for number 2

Ben is their Communications Head and our tour guide

the students have mud wrestling fights in this area

kiddie-sized benches


I'd love to have a bamboo pirate ship!

the Heart of School is the tallest structure
the bridge was being renovated then but it's done now

this can be covered by inflating a canvas to form a bubble (video)

their whiteboards are made out of bamboo, recycled glass, and paper

of course I had to see their library
inside the Heart of School
amazing furniture

a green village is also being built nearby
Thank you so much Green School for sharing your space with people who has the same dream. I was completely awestruck the whole time I was there. My ultimate dream is to build a school like this in the Philippines and teach children how live in a sustainable manner and appreciate what we already have. *Deep sigh* Of course my dream school will have awesome reading, math, and sports programs!

Below is the TED talk of John Hardy, Green School's Founder:

Green School, Bali, Indonesia
http://www.greenschool.org/ (their newsletters are very informative)


  1. An excellent post! I have only just discovered this. How inspiring. I want to contribute to this community.

    1. Thank you :) Their website has information on how to contribute but I hope you get to visit there soon! It's a really inspiring place :)

  2. Hi Bituin,

    Where are you in the Philippines? I saw this and was so inspired too! We are part of a small team developing a similar school in Davao - but it is only very small now... We started with kindergarten this year and will add rooms as the school grows. Currently the school is located in an aspiring eco-village, but we will have to move it when it gets a bit bigger. You can check us out https://www.facebook.com/TuburanInstitute

    1. Hi Kate!

      I'm from Manila :) I checked out your page and I want to visit if I get the chance (and volunteer as well). It's nice to know that there's already an endeavor like the Green School here in the Philippines. Congratulations!