Saturday, January 28, 2012

spice girl

no, I'm not talking about a popular 90's girl band :p
McCormick through the years

funny brand name

I was cleaning and reorganizing my lola's (grandmother's) spice cabinet and found these really old bottles and tins. The parsley flakes are older than me and the tins are at least 15 years old! She said she kept these because she found the packaging cute and wanted to reuse them but never got to. I washed and kept some of  them - I reused a few bottles for storing spices that are packed in plastic. I'm still thinking of a way to reuse the tins, maybe use them as candle holders?

I now use the spice cabinet and I'm slowly organizing the kitchen so it can be used more efficiently. C and I are planning to repaint and renovate the house a little. I can't wait for this to happen :) 

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